donderdag 3 oktober 2013

My new blog - excited!

This is the first entry on my new blog! Welcome everyone! I will start off with a small description of what I am planning to write about here:

Most of the topics that interest me at the moment, can be placed in one of the following (broad) categories: Beauty, Health and Culture.  

A large part of the Beauty category will consist of entries on long hair care, since this has been a renewed passion of me since approximately 2010. I've always wanted very long, healthy hair at classic length or even longer and I hope to accomplish this by treating my hair in a good and natural way. I am also planning to write about (organic) make-up and body products and about clothing (mainly feminine, dark romantic style). Of course, beauty can be found not only in material things…so we’ll see what else there is to discuss!

Much of the Health section will concern food and sports. I want to loose weight (about 10 kg), but most of all feel more energetic and support a healthy lifestyle. Since I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and am experimenting with different kinds of (mainly organic) foods a lot, you will find some information about that as well.

The Culture category will contain entries on archaeological and historical topics, reviews of books, movies and exhibitions, travel stories and many other subjects.

With two part-time jobs in different cities, volunteer work (writing for a historically themed website) and working on applications for research positions in the meantime, I live a busy life. Time-management and stress relief have become important to me. Reading and writing help me relax and enable me to put things into perspective.

Enjoy the ride!

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