woensdag 23 juli 2014

Try a new hairstyle each month: Top Knot Bun

To challenge myself and to practise a new hairstyle really well for a change to see if it works for me, I have decided to try one new hairstyle a month. This will give me enough time to figure out how exactly it is done and how I can wear it so it looks its best on me personally. The first hairstyle I have tried is the popular 'top knot bun'. 
Source: hairstylepedia.com
I often think it looks amazing on women, but somehow I was a little hesitant to try it myself. My face shape - in my opinion anyway - is a bit too narrow and long for this style. On women with round faces it looks less severe and rather cute. So how could I make this work for me and make it look more casual instead of severe? My first attempt was not to me liking at all....I felt rather embarassed even, walking around with that tight bun on top my head. 
Failed first attempt. 

Then, after some advice from a colleague who always wears this bun with stylee, I decided to make it look a bit messy. With my long hair without layers, this wasn't an easy task! I had to jump up and down, roll around the couch and pull at my bun before it even remotely resembled a messy hairdo. :) But at last, I was contend with the result. 

The 'messy version' worked a lot better for me.

I don't think this style is going to be amongst my top favorites, but it's extremely comfortable at work and stays put all day long and therefore I will definately wear it more often in the future. 

How I made this style? There are several options, but I used a firm elastic band to make a ponytail on top of my head (the higher, the better the result!). Then I wrapped up the tail in circles, fastening it with two more elastic bands. The hair that popped out, was secured with bobby pins...lots of them! 

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