vrijdag 15 november 2013

My favourite season: autumn

Many people dislike the autumn season because of its colder, rainy weather, fewer hours of sunlight and its association with gloom and death. Although I am subjected to mood swings more frequently myself around this time of year, there are many things I love about the season. Perhaps it is because I am an autumn child (scorpio, born early November), but I cannot help to marvel at the tatterred beauty of nature, where leaves fall and everything seems touched with a melancholy quality. Warm, autumn colours are my favourite too when it comes to my wardrobe or to decorating my living space. Halloween, forest fruits, beautiful knits, mushroom stews, hot chocolate, walks through the forest and chilly evenings make me happy. To all summer lovers with an upcoming winter dip: remember, this season too will pass and in the meantime, it's best to enjoy the many good things it has to offer! Do go outside as often as possible, to catch as much daylight as possible....and make your evenings warm and comfortable, drinking your favourite hot drink or playing a (board)game that you enjoy.

 Gathering blackberries 

 A beautiful spot, somewhere in the Netherlands
Dark clouds gathering at sea
 Home made blackberry jam

Home made, gluten-free pumpkin pizza (slightly burnt, but delicious!)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Krijg er meteen een cozy gevoel van, leuk!

  2. Your autumn looks wonderful to me. In Sweden everything's fade to grey and dark brown in the end of october. November for me can be a long waiting for snow and christmas preparations, I don't like it at all. The sun sets by three in the afternoon.

  3. Thanks, Linnea-Maria! I can imagine that it's hard to cope with November in Sweden...wow, three in the afternoon is really early. I guess we have nothing to complain about here, in comparison. :) On the other hand, the snowy December landscape must be so beautiful in Sweden! In the Netherlands it never lasts very long and the rain quickly turns the snow to mud...I would love to have a 'real' winter. :)