vrijdag 29 november 2013

New Hairclip from Restyle

 I just have to show off this pretty hairclip that I ordered from Restyle recently! It isn’t able to contain a ponytail (at least not my hair, which is rather thick), but with a half-up it works great! The clip is sturdy and doesn’t slide out of my hair, which is quite a rare experience. I also ordered a teaspoon hairclip from the same brand, which is equally lovely (pics will follow soon!). 
My haircolour looks a bit weird in the photograph, because the lower part was still drying after I had washed my hair and contains the faded remnants of black hairdye. 

Restyle 'Lenore' victorian style hairclip

4 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks beautiful in your hair! I find it really hard to find barrettes and clips that don't slide down my hair, too. (SwordWomanRiona from LHC)

  2. Thank you! Have you tried small flexi-8 hairclips? They are the only other clips that stay put in my hair when I do a half-up. The Restyle ones are even firmer, though.

    1. No, I've never tried flexi-8's, but I'd like to. It's really hard to find them in my area, so I'll have to resort to Etsy :) The only barrettes that seem to work for me are small, firm ones. My hair's so slippery that bigger or larger ones slip clean off my hair - so far I've had no luck with bigger barrettes or wood slides. I only use them to adorn updos (like the Gibson tuck)

  3. Flexi-8's are also hard to find here in the Netherlands (I've never seen anythying but cheap plastic clips in the stores), but I order them through the official website. They often have discounts! Where are you from? I had a look at your blog...very interesting! Your hair is absolutely AMAZING! A big inspiration to me!