donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Long hair shoot

A while back, during the winter sales (huge discounts!), I purchased the red Vive Maria dress that I liked so much. Most clothes of this particular brand can be worn during both summer and winter, since the texture of the fabric is usually the same. It's rather soft and not very thick, which makes all the winter clothes suitable for summer as well, especially when you love wearing darker shades like I do. When it's cold, it's easy to apply some extra layers. I no reason not to wear particular clothes all year round! 

So I wore my red winter dress in summer, while posing with my hair down to have some nice shots of its current length:

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You know it's funny, I know I have long hair but I never thought of it as being really long until the other day when I noticed it's down to the top of my butt lol. Your hair looks very healthy! I'm hoping to get mine trimmed consistently and maybe it might look a little healthier too, when it gets really long it goes scraggly for some reason.

  2. Ah, your hair is amazing! I remember I was following your blog back when you first started growing it out. So awesome to see you achieving your length goals. And it's so thick and lovely!! Mine is now Classic Length but it's so thin, down at the ends it's almost invisible. :D But at least it's easy to wash and put in a bun. :)