dinsdag 17 december 2013

Christmas fair in Düsseldorf

Last weekend I went on a day-trip to Düsseldorf with my mother, to see the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas fair) and do a little shopping. Although I usually do not like Christmas fairs a lot, the city was beautifully decorated and the atmosphere quite nice, despite the masses. We wandered around, ate ‘Currywurst’ and enjoyed visiting a big organic supermarket, where prices seemed considerably lower than in the Netherlands. The city itself was not particularly beautiful, but the waterfront of the river Rhine has its charm and reminds me of Antwerp somewhat. We did not have enough time to visit one of the museums, like I had hoped we would, but the good vibe of the city made the trip entirely worthwhile.

In the organic supermarket ‘Basic-Bio’, I bought some food and beauty products. My shopping haul:

-          Baking products for making gluten-free quinoa bread       (never had this before)
-          Vivani chocolate bar ‘winter’ (with ‘speculaas’ spices)
-          Lacoa chocolate bar with 60% cocoa
-          Rapunzel chocolate bar honey-almond
-          Lebensbaum six flavours of chai (sample box)
-          Gluten-free millet cookies called ‘Braunhirse Zungen’, by Werz.
-          Logona coconut oil as an extra, leave-in conditioner, to apply to the ends of my hair
-          Lavera grape hair treatment (sample), without silicones
-          Santé eye shadow base

From a very cute store with American products, called ‘American Heritage’ I bought:

-          The Republic of Tea ‘red velvet chocolate’ tea (looking yummy!)

I’m especially thrilled about the organic eye shadow base! It is really difficult to find eye shadow base without parabens or other possibly harmful substances. When I want to apply eye shadow and make it last through the day however, my oily skin badly requires a powerful base, to prevent major creasing.  A review of Santé eye shadow base will follow soon!

Some impressions of Düsseldorf: 

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  1. uuuuh, duesseldorf is so ugly... may be a little bit better with all those lights and christmas decoration... ;o)

  2. Such pretty lights! Your pictures are lovely.

  3. looks great place